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Re: GNOME settings daemon does not start

On Thu, 2008-03-20 at 00:03 +0000, Dominik Sandjaja wrote:
> Hi,
> since I upgraded a F8 installation to Rawhide, I get the following error
> (in a pop up window) every time I log into gnome, no matter if it is
> with my usual profile or with a fresh user:
> -------
> There was an error starting the GNOME Settings Daemon.
> Some things, such as themes, sounds, or background settings may not work
> correctly.
> The last error message was:
> Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)
> GNOME will still try to restart the Settings Daemon next time you log
> in.

Not sure, but I think this only happens on upgrades, and not fresh
installs, as I haven't seen that error in a while.  So that will need to
be looked into if not already.

If your not worried about doing installs, might try a fresh one, or
await for the beta and then do it and see how that goes.

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"The best lil town on Earth!"

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