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Re: Some things to focus testing on for F9Beta

Will Woods wrote:
Fedora 9 will have a lot of new and exciting things. Naturally, we want
those things to be stable and well-polished for the final release.

With that in mind, here's a list of things that deserve especially close

1) PackageKit
This *replaces* pup and pirut, by default, on all new installs. If
you're following rawhide, *please* disable or remove pup and pirut and
test this. It's very important that you file bugs about *any* problems
with PackageKit.
Use the "gnome-packagekit" component in bugzilla for bugs about
confusing (or missing) UI pieces, and "PackageKit" for bugs about
backend errors, missing capabilities, or other (non-UI) problems.

Holy smoke! Batman that packagekit is lame. It's not ready for prime time yet.
The first two minutes and I have a list of things wrong. Where to start:
1. No help.
2. under the "groups" tab, the list of groups is disorganized.
3. the list of packages in a group needs to be sorted.
4. just having a different color to indicate installed or not installed is *bad* ui design. think of colorblind people.
5. How do you select multiple packages to install at the same time?
6. how do you expand the "description" text box?

number 5 is a real usability problem.
I cannot understand how people are thinking this is ready to be the default s/w management app.

Good luck with your bugzilla. I'll resume putting things in bugzilla when I start getting responses to things I have already put in.


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