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Re: install from rsync tree on local partition possible?

On 28/03/2008, Andrew Farris <lordmorgul gmail com> wrote:

> 'local hard disk' install requires the iso images to be present on the disk at the
>  location you specify; afaik there is no way to use local hard disk with loose packages.  I
>  believe there is an anaconda bug on that subject, but it has not been added since its a
>  fairly rare use case and one more install path to maintain.

I think you're cutting down on the potential testing of both everyday
rawhide and snapshots like the beta by preventing people who e.g. only
have one machine in use from trying out an install *quickly* on a
spare partition. It's *much* too slow over a typical UK cable
connection (leaves you unable to use the machine for a long time) to
test fully by doing a network install, whereas I am happy to leave a
mirror process running overnight if I have to, and have most of the
tree up to date anyway; normally rsync from mirrorservice.org, but can
always grab the latest with wget. Being able to launch the installer
out of grub and grab packages from local hard drive enables *much*
faster testing, i.e. doable more that once a month :o)

I've had network installs fail in the middle too ... which is more
likely when sharing the connection with a couple of gamers who will
insist on leaving lots of torrents running then complaining that the
internet is "slow" ...

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