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Re: GDM Greeter

On Thu, 2008-05-01 at 18:35 -0500, John Morris wrote:

> I'm not doing anything that crazy but I do want to be able to customize
> the login box.  I twiddle the background.  I add things to the welcome
> banner.  I MUST be able to get the frickin' faces and list of users out
> and replace it with a normal username prompt.  (12K entries in /home
> mounted via NFS.  You do the frickin' math on that.)  What I'm hearing
> is that I'll be SOL and had better be evaluating other display managers.

You have not actually tried it, have you ? Your 10000 network users are
not going to show up in the user list, since we only populate the list
with local users.

> Now I'm not afraid to edit a config file, I actually prefer it, but it's
> gone and XML is at best read only for humans.  It's a package deal guys,
> if you go the XML route you MUST provide a tool to manipulate it.

Not sure which xml file you are talking about. Last time I
checked, /etc/gdm/custom.conf had the same format as always...

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