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Bug Zapper Opportunity 2008-05-02

Bug Zappers!

As promised at this week's triage meeting... here is simple, focused task you can help with.

Right now there are approximately 111 bugs in NEEDINFO as a result of the recent automated bugzilla maintenance requests.


The bugs located by the query above have all had some sort of action since they were placed in NEEDINFO, but for some reason the state was not changed out of NEEDINFO.

You can help by reviewing each of these bugs and after review the comments take appropriate action. Appropriate actions *might* include:
 o closing the bug
 o changing the state to ASSIGNED
 o updating the version number
 o asking a clarifying question to help work the bug towards resolution.

If the bug is open against a version that is EOL (FC1 to FC6) and it appears work is continuing on maintained version (as described in the comments), it is important to change the version to the maintained version so it does not get auto-closed during the next automated maintenance processes.

Another common case is that the bug has a version of 'rawhide' and the comment says 'this problem still exists in rawhide', but the bug remains in NEEDINFO. In this case the bug should be changed to ASSIGNED (if there are no other complicating factors).

If you come across a bug where you're not sure what to do, ask for help on #fedora-qa or reply to this mail with the bug number.

Thanks for your help!

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