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Re: monodevelop 1.0


> 2008/4/26 Dejan Čabrilo <dcabrilo gmail com>:
>         Hello all,
>         As I lost all hope that monodevelop 1.0 will make it into F9,
>         I wanted
>         to check out if anyone gave a shot at packaging monodevelop
>         1.0. I
>         know there are some significant differences in terms of
>         dependencies
>         compared to the version in rawhide, so I just wanted to see if
>         anyone
>         would share their experiences before I give it a go.
>         Also, when can we expect it in rawhide?
> I have a MonoDevelop 1.0 package, it was a simple version bump. Once
> the maintainer gets around to it I am sure Fedora will get 1.0 issued
> as an update. I'll shot the good Paul Johnson a mail request said
> update.

Monodevelop for F9 will require a few additional packages making their
way into F9 before I can update it. Currently though, I'm having fun
trying to get the texteditor in it to work!



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