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Re: F10 on Homebuilt Box - Absolutely Brutal...!!!!

On Sun, 16 Nov 2008 07:25:20 -0700
"Christopher A. Williams" <chriswfedora cawllc com> wrote:

> 5) Run the command: system-config-display --reconfig

It is possible that one of the exceedingly hard to find and
underdocumented kernel boot options for anaconda can force it
to use the vesa driver without all the trouble of doing a
usb boot and alternate console stuff, but there is no doubt that
video not working is a monumental pain when it happens.

I have sometimes work around video problems by doing a VNC
install and using a display on another system to provide video
(which only works if you have another system on the network :-).

Here's the link to anaconda options:


I don't see anything there about forcing vesa, but at least the
VNC options are documented. Maybe "xdriver=vesa" is the option
that forces use of vesa driver?

Having almost never encountered a video display that vesa didn't
work on, but having frequently encountered various video
systems that the supposed "proper" driver didn't work on, I
really do wonder why anaconda doesn't just always force vesa
for installs.

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