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Re: f10 beta reduced my laptop to a standalone console system

shmuel siegel wrote:
Ok. I am obviously over my head on this and need some help. I updated an f9 dell d620 laptop to f10 beta. I was expecting to lose X as others have reported problems with the intel driver but I thought that updating to rawhide would solve that problem. The catch is that init 3 is not starting my wireless configuration and also won't let me bring up eth0 complaining about problems with eth1.
More specifically, when I try
/sbin/ifup eth0
I get the error messages

    ./network=functions: line 211: rename_device: command not found
    tg3 device eth1 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization

so can someone tell me how to startup my network or how to get init 5 working without being able to update any files.


Answering own question. Running "/sbin/service NetworkManager start" started my connection. ifup didn't work.
I am now updating to rawhide

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