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Re: F10 and nVidia ==> Big Problems

Post-install, the OpenSource nv driver would load and provide a
reasonable display resolution until I could install the Livna nVidia

On F10, system-config-display is no longer there! So instead I have to:
1) Wait for the live system to fail back to text mode
2) Log in as root at the text prompt
3) Install system-config-display (yum -y install system-config-display)
4) Run system-config-display and accept the detected defaults (nothing
else works)
5) Run startx to start the gui
6) Run the installer as normal

However, on F10, startx only provides 800x600 resolution, despite that
my display is capable of 1920x1200.

I used F10beta Live with nVidia Corporation GeForce 6100 nForce 430 (rev a2) and I get GUI right after boot, however I also have resolution somewhere around 800x600. Setting monitor manually in system-config-display to whatever else got me to +-1920x1200. Obviously there is something sub-optimal..


Adam Pribyl

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