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Screen Blanking in KDE, no screensaver

Dear fellow testers,

I have a question regarding screen blanking in KDE.  When using GNOME, it is pretty simple, all we have to do is 

Systems ---> Preferences ---> Look and Feel ---> Screen Saver

select Power Management and set the time for the screen to blank and we are done.  However, in KDE an equivalent option does not seem to be available.  IF there is one, could someone please share it.  I get automatic blanking of the screen on two of the three machines that I run rawhide on.  I am using KDE most of the time, but I also switch to GNOME once in a while.  Two of the three machines have an xorg.conf file, but one of them does not.  The two that have have an option "DPMS" in the xorg.conf file.  The one that does not have an xorg.conf file was installed from Fedora 10 Beta Install DVD.  

Thanks in Advance,



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