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Resume fails on kernel and ATI X1300


Just updated to Rawhide (x86_64). Suspended the laptop and pressed the spacebar to resume. Resume fails. Here are the details I noticed:

- pressing the spacebar the laptop powers on again
- the screen's backlight switches on
- the harddisk led flickers brightly for a few seconds
- a normal cursor appears in the top left corner. It's not a small
  cursor you would see when booting with vga=794 on F9 but a standard
  one that's pretty wide
- the harddisk led starts to dimly flicker at what seems regular
- gnome desktop does not appear
- pressing caps lock does not result in the caps lock led lighting up
- when I press the power button the laptop powers down.

Specs of laptop:
- Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 X86_64 (Acer TM6465WLMi)
- ATI X1300
- WUXGA screen (1680x1050)

Is there any way I can debug this? Any log files that are retained from the failed resume after I have rebooted the laptop.

FWIW: when I boot with "nomodeset" suspend & resume work fine.


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