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Re: All these XO threads

On Sun, 2008-10-26 at 17:11 +0000, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> James Laska wrote:
> > The main reason for suggesting we communicate Fedora testing on the XO
> > on this list was to build on the experiences of the already established
> > fedora-test-list community. 
> Slightly OT, but is the XO actually a good buy,
> compared say with the EeePC ?

It's not a PC like you're used to. Or at least, it's not something you
do big compiles on, setup databases and webservers on. It's a low end
system however it has some amazing features. Easy portable, great LCD in
sunlight, rucked etc. 

I can see it as a powerful alternative to some PDAs when it comes to
in-the-field operations.

> I thought it was meant to poor countries.
> Does the US now fall into this category?
> Sorry.

Unfortunately, the answer there is yes. At least in some parts; XO - or
OLPC is about giving children that otherwise wouldn't have it, a chance
to gain technology knowledge and there through general knowledge and
learning. Skills they need to survive, get good jobs etc.

OLPC is actually giving away XO's in some parts of the US. Tragic but

Peter Larsen <plarsen famlarsen homelinux com>

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