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fedora 10 beta ==> current rawhide

Dear all,

I have gotten a new machine and I installed Fedora 10 Beta and currently updating it to current rawhide 1.3 GB of updates are coming in currently.  I formatted the root partition ext4(used ext4dev).  Last time I tried that, I could not boot to latest kernel, I am asking if I should change the /etc/fstab to ext4 because the one that I had before had ext4dev and the newer kernel(s) had ext4 only.  Should I change it now that I can and reboot and boot into the newer kernel?  

I could not submit smolt profile since the machine was not on the network.  I manually assigned an IP to get the updates.  Tomorrow in the morning I will see what happens.  Thanks for advice/suggestions offered.



before the snapshot issue comes up, I cannot get torrent files.  I can only get the releases from mirrors.  I wanted to try a network install, but the documentation is not current and I do not want to ask for a nice howto that might not be available.  


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