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Re: Will shared swap bite me?

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 11:11:39AM +0900, John Summerfield wrote:
> Chuck Anderson wrote:
>> Yeah, you definately don't want to hibernate to swap on one OS and try  
>> to boot the other.  You'll just lose your hibernated system and leave  
>> the filesystems in inconsistent state.  In general it is very bad to  
>> boot /anything/ other that the original hibernated kernel when after  
>> you have hibernated.  That's why grub doesn't show you a menu when you  
>> boot up in a hibernated state.
> _I_ don't think I'd like that. I _can_ hibernate Windows, run Linux,  
> then resume Windows. I've not hibernated Linux at all except  
> accidentally (FC3 I recalled resumed then shutdown, I lost interest 
> then).

It's safe if you don't touch *ANY* filesystems that were mounted when 
the system was hibernated.  For example, it is unsafe to mount the 
Windows partition from Linux, hibernate, then boot Windows.

> I've been running pure 64-bit Fedora and SL5 with no problems that  
> concerned me: I don't know what, if any, browser plugins work, and don't  
> really care. I don't like flash!

swfdec-mozilla is getting really good.  Most popular sites just work.

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