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2009-04-01 - 16:00 UTC - Fedora QA meeting minutes

IRC transcript and online notes available at

= Attendees =

* Will Woods (wwoods)
* Adam Williamson (adamw)
* James Laska (jlaska)
* J├│hann Gu├░mundsson (viking_ice)
* Jesse Keating (f13)

= Previous meeting follow-up =

* [jlaska+adamw] mediawiki semantic update (packaging and hosting)
** ''REVIEWED'' - [[rhbug:490001|490001]] -  Review Request:
mediawiki-semantic - The semantic extension to mediawiki 
** ''UNDER REVIEW'' - [[rhbug:490171|490171]] -  Review Request:
mediawiki-semantic-forms - An extension to MediaWiki that adds support
for web-based forms
*** [[User:tibbs]] posted some additional concerns for
''mediawiki-semantic-forms'' around licensing which I haven't followed
up on yet
*** request infrastructure hosting

* [f13+wwoods] - autoqa status update 
** wwoods checked in an initial verifytree test case
** f13 hoping to make a watcher for post-tree-compose
** Next steps ...
**# focus on the tree based tests 
**# figuring out better reporting for the existing tests

* [adamw] - schedule radeon test day
** Schedule and happening today!  -

* [jlaska] - copy F11 beta test results wiki changes into the wiki
template (several test case additions)
** Template updated
with help from wwoods and jlaska

* [wwoods] - to add some upgrade test cases to the beta results page
(and template)
** No upgrade cases added yet

* [jlaska] - add Beta known issues for previous disk contents, kickstart
issues, KVM NAT networking problems (use static ip)
** Met Friday to discuss and add issues to the release notes ...

* [wwoods] - document any upgrade issues in the Beta release notes
** Bug#492516 added to release notes

* [jlaska] - setup meeting to review RC test results for Friday
afternoon to include release engineering (JesseKeating) and
anaconda-devel and any RC testers.
** We met on Friday @ noon EDT in #fedora-qa and hashed out the bug list
currently listed in

= F-11-Beta - who/what/when/where/why? =

The beta was released!  See announcement from Jesse Keating -

* Useful links:
** '''F-11 Schedule''' -
** '''Where to record test results''' -
** '''Current list of open Beta blockers''' -
** '''Beta release notes''' -

= Open discussion =

== F10 syslinux package ==

Adamw noted that livecd-iso-to-disk is failing on F10 systems when
trying to create F11 live images.  A lot of Test Day testers are writing
their live images only to find the systems are not bootable due to a bug
in the F10 syslinux package.

== Schedule Change proposal ==
Wwoods provided an update on the initial schedule proposal raised in the
previous meeting.  After discussion and research, concluded this effort
is not worth continuing.  Instead, time should be spent on better tools
for testing and reporting, so we can do more efficient testing.

== Communication of Beta Known Issues ==

* jlaska asked how well we are holding up with our conclusion from the
[[QA/Meetings/20090325#Building_the_Beta_Known_issues|previous week]].  
* Adamw suggested that while the announcement links to the release
notes, it doesn't specify the Known issues.  Perhaps this could change
for future milestones (check-in with Rahul)?
* Wwoods reminded us about Warren Togami's rawhide status blog -

== Fedora Calendaring System ==

Adamw noted that the infrastructure team is moving closer to
infrastructure hosted calendaring system.  More details on

= Upcoming QA events =
* 2009-04-02 - [[QA/Test_Days/2009-04-02|Power Management Test Day]]
* 2009-04-07 - [[Test_Day:2009-04-07|Anaconda Storage Rewrite Part#2]]
* 2009-04-09 - [[Test_Day:2009-04-09|UEFI]]

= Action items =
* [wwoods] - autoqa: work on better (clearer) reporting from existing
* [f13] - autoqa: work on monitor for post-tree-compose
* [adamw] - will file a F10 bug for the syslinux issue, initiate
discussion with pjones or jeremy for building a updated F10 package
* [jlaska] - check-in with Warren Togami on the rawhidewatch blog ...
can Fedora QA help ... what is his vision?
* [jlaska+wwoods] - discuss integration between lab-in-a-box and autoqa

= Next QA meeting =

The next meeting will be held on
[http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingdetails.html?year=2009&month=4&day=8&hour=16&min=0&sec=0&p1=207&p2=204 2009-04-08 16:00 UTC]

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