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Re: f11b i386 install demands a net connection

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
On Wed, 1 Apr 2009, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

On Wed, 1 Apr 2009, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

  again, doing i386 and x86_64 installs in parallel, the i386
install demands that i *need* a network interface to continue, but
neither of these systems is connected to the net -- i want to do
just DVD-based installs for both of them.

  the x86_64 install is at the point where it's askimg me for my
choice of software, but the i386 install has already aborted.  a
second attempt produced the same results for i386.

  and, no, i definitely did not select the rawhide repository for
additional software.  has anyone else seen this?  i'm going to try
a third time to make sure it happens again.
  ok, i've tried this again a couple of times for each type of
install, and now i fail invariably because the install *insists*
that i need an active net connection to continue based on my
software repositories.

  this disgnostic is displayed after i format my filesystems and
before i've even *selected* which repositories i want to use during
the install.  weirdly, i got past this point to the software
selection phase not that long ago on the x86_64 install but now,
both installs fail, demanding that they need a net connection to

  one more followup, just to prove i'm really trying to reproduce
this.  parallel installs from scratch, but the x86_64 install made it
past the requirement for a net connection and is now at the software
selection screen, while the i386 install got hung up demanding a net
connection again.  and i really did those installs identically up to
that point.

  the obvious question -- why is the install telling me i need a net
connection based on my selected software repositories when i haven't
even reached the point where i've *selected* my repositories?

  i'm guessing that if i tried this again, i'd get relatively random
results.  thoughts?

My guess is it's looking for a network connexion so it can get a current list of repos.

It would be interesting to give it a network connection and see what it does. Choices for tracking:
1. transparent proxy, log with squid (or apache).
2. tcpdump taken on a gateway, recording everything the MUT says.



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