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Re: future f12 test days

Paul W. Frields wrote:
On Thu, Apr 02, 2009 at 05:00:51PM +0200, Christoph H�ger wrote:
Hi all,

so testdays are a really cool way of testing feature progress during an
alpha/beta cycle. I guess upstream projects really love all those corner
cases being tested.

So as Paul stated

The wiki is public now, which makes it possible to test features (and
post the results) for everybody not only FAS members. This is definitely
a good thing, but I guess there are a few more points to make that work:

a) we should _always_ have USB images ready. That should lower the
testing costs to zero.

b) we need public attention (aka PR), I already tried to get that into
some german online media and phoronix for nouveau test day, but with
little success (only prolinux.de reacted). I guess no one will make a
headline for every testday, so it would be a good idea to bring
attention to the test days (and the schedule) in the alpha release notes
(and pounce the media on those). Some ambassadors having PR experience

Cc'ing the fedora-docs-list to reference above.

I added a placeholder note for that future page:

c) make the test cases as automated as possible. Offer sending smolt
profile (smoltGUI) and run test cases directly from the desktop. Also We
should add a link (or the document itself) about how to test what and
why to the desktop. If it's possible for the test generated results
should also be posted automagically to the results page, or, if tests
fail, bug reports could be created by bugbuddy.

Not sure if bugbuddy adds any heft to the Live images.  Regardless
though, I actually was talking to James Laska about this just the
other day.  The easier the community uptake, the more people can dive
in and get involved.

I've found the Live images really helped me.  I don't tend to have a
lot of time to devote to testing, yet I was able to successfully
run some tests and generate a few bug reports for the Nouveau test
day.  It was a great experience and I'd like as many other people to
enjoy it as possible.

I'd suggest that followups on this go to fedora-test-list, since
that's typically where the QA folks do the bulk of their planning and

also if you are moving to using usb images for the test days surely the 700mb cd limit can be stretched a little if needed for the live image?

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