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Re: future f12 test days

On Thursday, April 02 2009, James Laska said:
> I'd like to not have to constantly edit the kickstart file used to
> generate the live image.  Can folks think of a good way so that with a
> little shell/python/$lang we can use the same kickstart file to produce
> a live image that has ...
>       * the Test Day starts as the firefox homepage

This is a little tricky due to the way mozilla langpacks work.  But see
firefox's spec file for how to change this

>       * Or ... the firefox home page finds the most *current* test day

Similar problem.  But you could easily have an html file on the desktop
that's "Test Day Information" with just a redirect to the wiki test day
page (and then just keep that front page on the wiki current)

>       * Create a .desktop file when clicked, "Join Test Day IRC
>         discussion"

I think the only irc client on the live images right now is pidgin.  And
no clue how to integrate pidgin's irc support enough to do this...

>       * I know it's a live image, but should we enable kexec/kdump to
>         easily capture kernel panics?

Doing so would require a substantial amount of work -- kdump is an
entirely separate initrd infrastructure :(


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