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Re: KDE installed if you uncheck Gnome?

Scott Robbins spake thusly:

> I just tried installing F11 Beta tonight.  I unchecked most things,
> including both Gnome and KDE.  I did, however, choose to install X
> Window system.
> Annoyingly to me :), anyway, it installed KDE.  Thinking I must have
> made an error, I redid the install--as it was relatively small it was
> quick.  However, nope, it seems that if I choose X Window System, if I
> don't take Gnome, I got KDE.
> Is this one of those many Just Me(TM) things?

I had a similar problem, I was installing from freshly donloaded Rawhide 
boot.iso on Tuesday night and had unchecked both GNOME & KDE but checked 
LXDE and ended up with LXDE *and* KDE installed.

It ultimately wasn't a problem since I wanted KDE as well, but my 
original goal had been to get up and running in X ASAP before installing 
the bulk of the packages I wanted (I've lost everything in the middle of 
a net install resulting in a huge waste of bandwidth).


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