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Re: Loss of accounts with f11 update

Kevin DeKorte wrote:
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On 04/03/2009 04:15 AM, shmuel siegel wrote:
I did a massive (~800mb) yum update last night, apparently in two
stages. My laptop ran out of power in the middle before completing the
transaction. I later ran yum-complete-transaction which removed 173
packages. I know that at least some of this was correct since it removed
old versions of wine and wireshark. Unfortunately, the passwd file seems
to have problems now, the boot process complains that root is an unknown
user. After loading all daemons that will work, the machine becomes
unusable since I don't know any valid login names.

1) - how do I make my laptop usable ( I don't want to reinstall because
I am not sure that I remember how to up broadcom wireless)
2) - what should I look for to help track down the problem

I had this same problem without crashing my machine, here is how to fix it

Boot the machine and enter grub and add 'S' to the end of the kernel
line and boot the machine, this will get you into single user mode.

Go into /etc and look for *.rpmsave files... rename all those files to
not have .rpmsave on the end... ie  groups.rpmsave -> groups

Go into /etc/pam.d and do the same thing...

reboot normally...

After this you should be able to login.


Thanks for the suggestion to use single user mode. Much more convenient than a rescue disk. I didn't have any rpmsave files in pam.d

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