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Re: An F10 Old Xorg.conf Bug Returns in F11B

On Fri, 2009-04-03 at 07:05 -0600, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> Just tried F11 Beta on my home machine with an on-board NVidia GeForce
> 7100 chipset. The MB is the EVGA 7100.
> A bug that was found in F10 with this combo has returned in F11B. Back
> then, F10 would not properly recognize my GeForce 7100 card and
> basically stop. I would fall back to VESA to get things to work, but
> would have to force a default xorg.conf file onto a USB drive Live CD to
> make that happen. We did get a fix into F10.
> Well, the same thing is now back in F11B. It's exactly the same problem.
> I still don't understand why we can't recognize this card. It seems that
> it has been consistently left off of the compatibility list for the
> OpenSource NVidia drivers. Only the proprietary drivers work correctly
> with it.

This card ought to work with nouveau, by all accounts.  Are you using
nouveau and not nv?  What's the failure look like in the X log?

- ajax

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