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Re: what are those SHA1 values in the CHECKSUM files for the betaDVDs?

Once upon a time, dsavage peaknet net <dsavage peaknet net> said:
> I rsync'd the F11b source isos from the Georgia Tech mirror. Their
> ..CHECKSUM file is identical to the one at download.fedora.redhat.com. I
> also rsync'd all of the F11b x86_64 isos from GT and those sha256sums are
> fine. If you can run sha256sum on Red Hat's site, do the source isos there
> match their ..CHECKSUM? Is it possible that the source isos were updated
> after ..CHECKSUM was created? It's a puzzlement.

I just checked the sums on mirror.hiwaay.net directly for the 11-Beta
source ISOs, and they all failed:

$ sha256sum -c Fedora-11-Beta-source-CHECKSUM
Fedora-11-Beta-source-DVD.iso: FAILED
Fedora-11-Beta-source-disc1.iso: FAILED
Fedora-11-Beta-source-disc2.iso: FAILED
Fedora-11-Beta-source-disc3.iso: FAILED
Fedora-11-Beta-source-disc4.iso: FAILED
Fedora-11-Beta-source-disc5.iso: FAILED
Fedora-11-Beta-source-disc6.iso: FAILED
Fedora-11-Beta-source-disc7.iso: FAILED

I synced directly from the masters, so this does appear to be a problem
with the release spin.
Chris Adams <cmadams hiwaay net>
Systems and Network Administrator - HiWAAY Internet Services
I don't speak for anybody but myself - that's enough trouble.

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