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Re: F11 beta xfce i686 spin

psmith spake thusly:

> David wrote:
>> On 4/3/2009 12:38 PM, psmith wrote:
>>> just a quick question has anyone managed to get the F11 beta xfce i686
>>> spin to install on any machine?
>>> tia
>>> phil
>> Kinda' beginning to look like you are the only one to try this.  :-)
>> I would try it just for you but I don't do BitTorrents. Is it available
>> for direct d/l anywhere?
> yeah it does look as though i'm the only one to try it so far, but i've
> got about 10 or 11 people waiting for me to get it up and running before
> we commit it to their netbooks also, i had managed to get these guys to
> eventually install F10 xfce instead of windows and as a next step i
> wanted them to get involved in filing bugs etc, to bring them farther
> into the linux community but so far i can't get it to work.
> i've downloaded it twice, both times the checksums were correct, but
> both times it always just stops when it should be bringing up plymouth.

Is this from just booting the Live CD or is this from booting from the 
hard disk after installing?

If it's the former, I'll be happy to download and burn the image and see 
what happens when I boot.  

> i have managed to get the standard i686 live iso to work but the xfce
> spin is definately a no go. i wonder who makes the spins? do they test
> them after composing them?

I'm beginning to wonder that myself.  I just posted about a problem I had 
where 11-Beta-x86_64-Live-KDE.iso = F11-Beta-i686-Live-KDE.iso.


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