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Re: F11 beta xfce i686 spin

On Fri, 03 Apr 2009 21:32:09 +0100
psmith <johnsmithdoe14 googlemail com> wrote:

> David wrote:
> > On 4/3/2009 12:38 PM, psmith wrote:
> >   
> >> just a quick question has anyone managed to get the F11 beta xfce
> >> i686 spin to install on any machine?
> >>     
> >
> >   
> >> tia
> >> phil
> >>     
> >
> >
> > Kinda' beginning to look like you are the only one to try this.  :-)
> >
> > I would try it just for you but I don't do BitTorrents. Is it
> > available for direct d/l anywhere?
> >
> >   
> yeah it does look as though i'm the only one to try it so far, but
> i've got about 10 or 11 people waiting for me to get it up and
> running before we commit it to their netbooks also, i had managed to
> get these guys to eventually install F10 xfce instead of windows and
> as a next step i wanted them to get involved in filing bugs etc, to
> bring them farther into the linux community but so far i can't get it
> to work.

Whats the video hardware/chipset/model?
This is a burned media or live usb? 
Are you sure the media is good and verifies?

> i've downloaded it twice, both times the checksums were correct, but 
> both times it always just stops when it should be bringing up
> plymouth. i have managed to get the standard i686 live iso to work
> but the xfce spin is definately a no go. i wonder who makes the
> spins? do they test them after composing them?

Yes. I haven't yet tested the beta itself, but I was making live media
locally here right up until beta was released and they were working
fine here. 

I will try testing the exact beta iso this weekend and see if something
happened there. 

> thanks for the offer of help but unfortunately torrent is the only
> way to get the xfce spins, but i think there had been about 20 copies 
> downloaded when i stopped seeding, but none of those must frequent
> this list lol.

I've been seeding since release morning here. ;) 

> does anyone know where i can contact the guys who composed the spin
> and ask them to check it out?

Thats primarily me. ;) 
You could also post to the spins-sig list if you like. 

I would have tested it today, but I had to be working at my day job, so
I didn't have time to. ;) 

> tia
> phil


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