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Re: fedora 11 beta hard disk install?

On Sat, Apr 04, 2009 at 12:00:42AM -0400, Tom Horsley wrote:
> Anyone managed to do this? The exact procedure which worked
> in F10 results in anaconda telling me it can't find the image
> in F11 beta (using the DVD iso).
> Has F11 changed the procedure yet again?

I don't think you can just point it at the ISO anymore, at least it
hasn't worked for me that way for awhile, probably back around F9 or
Instead, I've had to make a directory, mount the DVD with loop, and do
cp -ra <DVDMOUNT>/* <NEWDIRECTORY>, then point the install to that

The same (for me anyway) with NFS.  Although in theory one can just have
a mount -o loop (with some other flags if SELinux is involved), in
practice, for me this has been iffy, so I've just given up and use the
same procedure as above--that is, mount -o loop and copy all files into
a new directory.  

I never filed a bug since Fedora's not a production system for me, and
CentOS and therefore, I presume, RH, will still work if one simply points
NFS or hard disk install to an ISO. 

Scott Robbins
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