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Re: F11 beta xfce i686 spin

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
On Sat, 04 Apr 2009 11:14:12 +0100
psmith <johnsmithdoe14 googlemail com> wrote:

thanks for the reply kevin, i thought you may be involved as you are
the xfce guy but i wasn't sure if you were involved in spining the
beta iso's

Well, release engineering does the spinning, I just handle the
kickstart that they use. :)

first hardware is acer aspire one A150, intel 945GME gfx, intel 82801 chipset, atom cpu, 1.5GBram, sata HD, this was booted usb made from verified iso (sha256 matches that that came with the iso)

Did you use the f10 liveusb-creator to make this usb? If so, that is not going to work. Can you yum --enablerepo=rawhide upgrade syslinux and then re-run the libusb-creator on it?
unfortunately i already did this after seeing the syslinux/grey screen bug, i even also used the kids machine and tried the windoze liveusb-creator version. then after a suggestion from jeremy katz i downloaded his newest livecd-iso-to-disk from his site but all to the same effect
sencond hardware is gigabyte GA-M59SLI-S5 mobo, geforce 8800GTX,
Athlon X2 5600, raid0, 4GB ram. this was booted from both the usb and
a burned copy of the iso.

Did you get the exact same behavior from the cd as the usb here?

yes exactly the same problem, though on the desktop machine i did see a lot of acpi errors flashing past at the begining of the boot process that don't show up on the netbook
both these machines happily run F10 no problems. and both will boot
from the gnome i686 live spin (with some cajoling, like changing the
hw timer to jiffy instead of tsc on the aspire as tsc is unstable :/)

but with the xfce spin both of them stop when it should be loading plymouth, the machine isn't frozen as it responds to plugging in and removing usb mice etc, and also replies to the three finger salute
and tells me it's going down for reboot.

i look forward to seeing if you guys can get any farther than me

Yeah, trying some things here now...


thanks again for the help kevin, it's much appreciated :-)


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