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Re: F11 beta xfce i686 spin

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
On Sat, 04 Apr 2009 20:11:30 +0100
psmith <johnsmithdoe14 googlemail com> wrote:

thanks again for the help kevin, it's much appreciated :-)

Well, I can confirm here that somehow the i686 Xfce iso is not
functional. :( I get the same hang here. I know it was fine on
2009-03-25 when I last did a i686 compose.
You said you tried the gnome i686 and it worked ok?

This is quite weird. :(
yeah the gnome i686 works fine, that's what i couldn't understand, but it's not just the live iso's i have problems with as the x86-64 dvd balks at the "this is beta software..." dialouge and puts the machine down for re-boot no matter what option i choose, but that's a problem for another time :)
I did a local compose of a i686 iso and it works fine. I can't think of off hand any kernel changes that would be in the i686 gnome iso that would not also have been in the Xfce one. ;(
I can upload my local iso for folks to test with, but it will be a few
hours as my upload BW isn't that great here. I'll try and figure out whats going on here.
that would be great, at least with a working iso i can go into work on monday and start updating the guys netbooks, as for the slow upload i suffer the same here 30-35k/s max :( but i'm off out now for the night so having it up for tomorrow am uk time will be plenty quick enough :)

thanks again!

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