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Re: Unable to update Rawhide

On Sun, Apr 05, 2009 at 09:50:59AM +0100, Adam Huffman wrote:
> At the moment I'm unable to update my Rawhide laptop.
> It seems to be an rpm rather than yum problem, because the same thing
> happens if I try to update packages manually.  Here's a typical attempt
> with yum:

This was covered awhile back (but I thought it was fixed--however, if
you're updating after a long interval, you probably got caught by it.)

There was a major rebuild, so the solution is 

yum update rpm

After that, it should work.  

(It might be in the current release notes, I know it got documented
somewhere.  Again, this is assuming you're using a somewhat older
snapshot and haven't updated in awhile.)

If you're well aware of that issue and this is something else, then
apologies.  :)

Scott Robbins
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