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Re: Testing the Fedora 11 Installation Guide

This extremely welcome installation guide is wonderful! With relatively
little time and effort, I was able to zero in on the requirements for
doing a medialess install on an existing system that has the Grub
bootloader, and it was a great experience. Too bad Anaconda crashed
while creating the encrypted filesystem, but the intelligence of the bug
reporting process for Bugzilla is amazing. The installer found an
existing bug for this crash automagically, and added my traceback to the
bug as a comment. This is quite heartening. It means a serious bug is
more likely to get rapid attention because there is sufficient traceback
detail posted to pinpoint the error.

The Installation Guide section on Cobbler needs to be rewritten. First
off, I can and did simply mount my entire *DVD.iso image to an http (web
document) directory simply and quickly using the mount command. The
Guide does not explain what Cobbler does, and why I might want to use
it. It gives the impression that one must use Cobbler to do an http
install. The guide should mention that for the http installation
message, it is sufficient to mount the iso image to an web document
directory and all will be well. That would seem to match the Red Hat
Enterprise Linux documentation I've read, although the last time I had
to review that was a long while ago.

So, I didn't have to read the entire Guide through from page 1. I was
able to locate the information I wanted quickly and use it quickly. That
is one indication of a very promising, well-done document.


Adam Williamson wrote:
> Hi, folks!
> Every release, the dedicated volunteers in the Documentation team
> produce the Fedora Installation Guide, an exhaustive and detailed guide
> to installing Fedora. For Fedora 11, they have asked us in the QA team
> to co-ordinate 'testing' of the Installation Guide. By doing
> installations following the instructions in the Installation Guide, we
> can find issues in both the Guide and the installation process itself,
> and thus improve both.
> So, I have written up an installation guide 'Test Case' here:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Testcase_installguide
> As you can see, essentially what we'd like you to do is to take a look
> at the Fedora 11 Installation Guide as it currently stands - it's at
> http://docs.fedoraproject.org/install-guide/ - and try installing either
> Fedora 11 Beta or current Rawhide according to the instructions found in
> the Installation Guide. Report any problems you find - any bugs in the
> installer itself, or errors or missing information or bits where what's
> written in the guide doesn't correspond to what you see in the actual
> installer - to Bugzilla.
> As this is a wide-ranging case which doesn't involve any particular
> component or developer, we aren't running a Test Day for this, but
> instead would like it to be an ongoing process throughout the rest of
> the Fedora 11 release cycle. Please, if you have the spare time and
> resources, try and take part in this testing! Please discuss any
> questions, problems or issues as a reply to this thread. Thanks!

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