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i686 ---> i586, i386 ---> i586, x86_64 stays the same

Dear fellow testers,

I am sorry to ask, but I read about the changes on i686 moving to i586 and the i386 packages to i586.  I had known prior to this that

i686 ---> Pentium computer PIII, PIV, Intel based CPU
i586 ---> AMD athlon, other AMD capable computer 
x86_64  ---> AMD 64 capable CPU or similar processor

The default 32-bit x86 target in koji would be changed from i386 to i586 

I assume this is only temporary as after this release it will go back to i686 right?

The other distributions I am familiar with that used i586 packages are OpenSUSE and Mandriva namely.  This only makes me confused as the i586 packages are optimized for AMD processors and the i686 packages for Intel based CPU's like Pentium III/IV.  

I am only a bit confused with this and if someone can help me undestand better I would appreciate it very much :)




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