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Re: Loss of accounts with f11 update

On Mon, 6 Apr 2009, John Summerfield wrote:

shmuel siegel wrote:
Panu Matilainen wrote:
There was a bug (just fixed this morning) in rpm which makes yum-complete-transaction do nasty things.
Nasty is not a strong enough word. I'm certainly glad that this happened to rawhide users and not release users. This kind of bug could ruin Fedora's name for a long time.

If the problem is connected with the change of checksumming method, someone's reputation should be harmed.

It's not related to the checksumming at all, much of the commentary in the bug is just wild guessing and handwaving. It's was a bug introduced (by yours truly) in the memory+performance optimization work, one that rpm's test-suite didn't unfortunately catch at the time when introduced. I'm writing new test-cases right now so it wont happen again.

It's pretty obvious that rpm has to checksum using the old method for a long time to come- as long as upgrading from the oldest supported EL (and maybe oldest-1) to the latest is supported.

The new rpm understands old md5 checksums just fine, it's only the upgrade where the hash algorithm changes where the semantics of "regular" %config files (ones without noreplace qualifier) cannot be guaranteed. The worst that will happen is that you end up with an .rpmsave file when one wasn't really needed. %config(noreplace) files aren't affected by the digest changes in any way.

I'm with Lennart, I would have been extremely annoyed, and J's attitude would simply have made me more so.

Sure bugs are annoying, but they're also unfortunately unavoidable - humans make mistakes. The best protection against them is having more and more of automated tests. Rpm 4.7.x is the first version to actually *have* a meaningful build-time test suite, but it's far from "complete", rpm is a rather complex piece of work.

Oh and if by 'J' you mean who I think you do, he's not involved in rpm.org development, despite making assorted noises in bugzilla.

	- Panu -

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