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Re: bonjour printer access non-functional in rawhide

Jack Howarth wrote:
  Has anyone been able to get rawhide to provide Bonjour printer
access from the printer configuration tool? This was working in F9
but now (with the avahi-tools installed and the mDNS port opened
on the firewall or the firewall completely disabled), shared Bonjour printers don't appear in the discovered printers of
the printer configuration tool. I am not sure exactly which
component to file a bug report against. I also was puzzled that
cups no longer installs avahi-tools. I filed a bug report about
that in F9 and they changed cups to fixed that issue (which now
seems to be regressed).

This is meant to be working in rawhide (although DNS-SD support has been disabled in Fedora 9/10 for the time being).

It was working for me the last time I tested it against a network print server. Do you get output when you run '/usr/lib/cups/backend/dnssd' from the command line?


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