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Re: [OT?] a viable laptop for exploring virtualization on f11?

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 8:56 AM, Adam Huffman <adam huffman gmail com> wrote:
> Yes, my Vaio has a suitable processor but it's disabled in the BIOS and when
> I complained to Sony they weren't too interested.
> Some brave people have tried to hack the BIOS to re-enable it.

That's good to know.  It's one more reason not to buy the Sony.  HP
was the only other company that I knew that had not enabled it in the
bios for some of their laptops.  They released a bios that enabled it
after some pressure from the community.


Most of the Dell laptops that I've seen have a setting in the bios
that will allow it to be enabled as long as the processor supports it.
 I have run windows guests on my M70 using kvm+qemu without any

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