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nouveau and double monitor error

just installed F11 beta x86_64 on my Dell XPS M1330 laptop.
Driver used by Xorg is nouveau.
All ok with installation, but I had these problems:
1) It seems that at first reboot the screen size was not correctly autodetected.
I was not able to see the right side of the screen, so being unable to
select "Next" buttons....
With Tab key I was able to complete the registration and smolt sending
steps anyway

2) Laptop screen size is 1280x800
I connected a 19" lcd Philips monitor (model 190B) to the vga port of the laptop
The two monitors are correctly detected, but I'm unable to set them
one under the other.
I'm able to drag and drop to set up them, I try to set them as
1280x800 (the laptop screen that I want below) and  1280x1024 (the
Philips lcd).
When I press "Apply" I get this error:
Could not apply the selected configuration
required virtual size does not fit available size: requested=
(1280x1824), minimum=(320,200), maximum=(1280,1280)

At the moment I have no Xorg.conf at all.
Is this a limitation with nouveau or can I override with any parameter
filling up a custom Xorg.conf?
With the same hw pieces and f10 x86_64 and rpmfusion nvidia
proprietary driver I'm able to currently get this desired
I would like to get the same in f11 without proprietary pieces if possible...

Also, where could I get my sent smolt profile id, to eventually refer
it while opening a bugzilla for this?
I can attach Xorg.log if useful too...


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