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Re: No i386 images in rawhide,

On Mon, 2009-04-06 at 19:33 +0300, Panu Matilainen wrote:
> Details please? Actual rpmdb *corruption* is rare, it's almost always 
> something else. "Last couple of days" sounds like it could be the 
> related to the NSS caused breakage.

When on an x86_64 system and trying to compose an i386 install tree, the
buildinstall process falls over when trying to compose the image due to
what looks like rpmdb corruption, but could be something else.  Note
that we explicitly rm -f the /var/lib/rpm/__db* files before running
pungi (buildinstall).  I am not able to reproduce outside our build
environment, and even outside this particular host, yet.  Still


Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating

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