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Re: bonjour printer access non-functional in rawhide

Jack Howarth wrote:
   It doesn't sound like this should work from the changelog...

* Thu Feb 12 2009 Tim Waugh <twaugh redhat com> 1:1.4-0.b2.6
- Beginnings of avahi support.  The dnssd backend should now work, but
  the scheduler will not yet advertise DNS-SD services.
- No longer require avahi-tools as the dnssd backend does not use the
  command line tools any longer.

Wouldn't this prevent the printer configuration tool from
seeing the available Bonjour printers?

Let me clarify.  DNS-SD works both ways:

1. clients can use it to discover services offered by servers;
2. servers can use it to advertise their services to clients.

With the avahi support currently in CUPS, DNS-SD is used as in (1) above, so DNS-SD-aware printers or network print servers can be discovered by CUPS.

CUPS queues are not advertised using DNS-SD.

Perhaps the original poster was asking about DNS-SD discovery between CUPS servers (I didn't think of that) in which case *that* is not expected to work currently.

It does, however, work to use CUPS to discover a network print server that advertises its queues using DNS-SD.


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