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Re: No i386 images in rawhide,

On Mon, 6 Apr 2009, Peter Robinson wrote:

Details please? Actual rpmdb *corruption* is rare, it's almost always
something else. "Last couple of days" sounds like it could be the
related to the NSS caused breakage.

When on an x86_64 system and trying to compose an i386 install tree, the
buildinstall process falls over when trying to compose the image due to
what looks like rpmdb corruption, but could be something else.  Note
that we explicitly rm -f the /var/lib/rpm/__db* files before running
pungi (buildinstall).  I am not able to reproduce outside our build
environment, and even outside this particular host, yet.  Still


I'm getting that exact error on a Fit-PC machine (AMD Geode of similar
spec to the OLPC) that's running Fedora 10. I went to upgrade it on
the weekend to F11 beta. As part of the yum upgrade I did a "yum
upgrade rpm yum" which of course pulled in python. The geode is
capable of cmov so it has a i686 glibc installed (but it complains
about the arch) so rather than installing the i386 F10 glibc so it
would go smoothly I used rpm to install the F11 i586 glibc package.
Everything runs fine but I get the same errors with rpm so its stuck
in that state at the moment. I went to do a clean install of F11 but X
fell over (which worked on F10 install) so I haven't bothered to go
any further if you want me to run some tests.

Hmm, Geode doesn't fit the NSS-case as it's not multilib. Please post the exact errors you're seeing and the command that produced it. Also, does rpm itself work (ie is it just yum that's busted) and if not, what errors you get from that?

	- Panu -

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