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Reminder: Bug Triage Meeting Tomorrow (Tuesday) @ 15:00 UTC/11 AM EDT

Bug Triage Meeting
irc.freenode.net #fedora-meeting
Tuesday @ 15:00 UTC/11 AM EDT

Agenda--Continue discussing improvements to the wiki as proposed by beland:

1) https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Beland/How_to_Triage to replace https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/ How_to_Triage * adamw emailing fedora-test-list with draft email to fedora-devel-list with outstanding questions, including process for deciding which bugs to upstream * Should a check for bugs filed in upstream Bugzillas be mandatory? (conflicting opinions so far) * Should NEW triagers be asked to do NEEDINFO updates in 30 and 60 days if needed, or should this be left to triagers following the NEEDINFO checklist? (Beland doesn't, other people do) * We went over all sections up to 2.0.7 in the last meeting. Please review the remainder of the document before the meeting if you haven't already, and have comments ready. You can also e-mail comments now, and non-controversial improvements will get implemented sooner.
    * After these issues are decided, is this draft ready to go live?
    * Later improvements:
o Add references to GreaseMonkey buttons in checklist instructions (adamw said he would do so)
          o Reorganize (poelcat proposes http://fpaste.org/paste/7456 )

2) https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Beland/Bugzilla_Legend
* Consensus seems to be to try come up with unified definitions across both RHEL and Fedora. * adamw is sending email to fedora-devel-list (with draft to fedora-test-list) regarding this issue

See you tomorrow,


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