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Hi all,

today my request to join the bugzappers group was approved. In the
welcome mail was a suggestion to write an mail to the list may to
introduce myself.

My name is Niels Haase. I am working as an Linux and Sun Solaris
Administrator for the past 5 years. In the last year my focus of work
has changed to the (technical) administration of a global trading
software with a bank. My primary roll is acting as a bridge between
the users and developers (in-house or at the original equipment
manufacturer), open/control/close bugs, set development priority,
install the patches from the developers and let them test these by the
users. I support the bank branches word wide who a covered over many
different time zones. The whole communication is by e-mail, only
weekly conference calls are by phone.

Maybe this is exactly the same kind of work the we do here are at
bugzappers. Therefore I think I'm familiar with the general process of
bug tracking and hope my help will be result in a good work. But the
problem is that my job is really time intensive (and also the family)
so i can't not spend so many times to bugzappers, but I will do my
very best. I'm base out in Germany with means UTC + 2 hours (daylight
saving time). This should make it possible to join the weekly
meetings, but on the other hand I do shift working with means that I'm
not available for every meeting.

I have been using Linux since the year 2000 on many devices the
possible. Over the year i tried many distributions but the first i
ever tried was an Red Hat (don't know the exact version, maybe 6.2),
over Fedora Core and CenOS/RHEL I found my way back to Fedora.

I'm looking forward to helping the community to give it something
back. See you today on irc.


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