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Re: rawhide update schedule and reporting dependency issues?

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   as a short followup to my post yesterday that there's currently a
> dependency issue in f11 beta "yum update" involving the kernel,
> whenever i do a fedora update and i get one of those dependency
> errors, i typically assume it's just a timing issue and, given a few
> hours, things will right themselves.  under that assumption:
>   1) when those things happen, what's the proper reaction?  certainly,
> it's not worth a bugzilla but is it worth just mentioning on the
> appropriate mailing list, maybe to just confirm that others are seeing
> the same thing?

Worth posting here definitely. It is not the same as a bug report but
serves as a heads-up to others and you can get some confirmation. Then
you can file a bug report after that.
>   2) what is the regularity of fedora update, um, updates?  that
> dependency issue is still occurring on my f11 beta system, but i get
> the impression that it will be fixed in the next updates refresh.  how
> often does that happen?

Every day unless composes fail for some reason. The latest builds in
between composes are at http://koji.fedoraproject.org


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