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BugZappers Meeting Recap for 2009-04-07

The meeting recap and full IRC transcript can be found here:

Please make any corrections and clarifications to that page.

= Bug Triage Meeting :: 2009-04-07 =

== Attendees ==
* adamw
* poelcat
* john5342
* beland
* mcpel
* tk009
* Sonar_Guy
* comphappy
* arxs

== Current ==
* https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Beland/How_to_Triage was approved and moved to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/How_to_Triage

* Should a check for bugs filed in upstream Bugzillas be mandatory: No decision was reached, however, a guideline was proposed. "triagers are encouraged to check upstream for similar reports and take appropriate action according to the preferences of the component's maintainers."

* NEEDINFO: Discussion on the time a bug should remain flagged as NEEDINFO before being closed. Consensus couldn't be reached on a change to the current policy.

*Triage Metrics: comphappy will have a beta version of the triage metrics up by 9 April, and should be operational for testing no later than 16 April. Fully operational triage metrics will be in place no later than 6 May.

== Follow Up Action ==
* comphappy will email fedora-test-list with the link for the metrics beta and where to address bug reports.

* adamw will email fedora-devel-list for feedback on bug severity/priority settings with a view to guide triagers in correctly setting these fields when a bug is triaged.

* Tk009 will compare all the GreaseMonkey script response output to the standard responses page for uniformity.


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