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Re: How are bugs prioritized?

Hello Balaji,

the current meaning of the priority/severity fields of bugs is not
clear at the moment, but as discussed earlier on the list (and in
today's bug zappers meeting in irc, please find tk009 mail with a
summary) Adam will write an email to fedora-devel-list and hopefully
get feedback on bug severity/priority settings with a view to guide
triagers in correctly setting these fields.


2009/4/7 Ravindran, Balaji <kerneldev coresfoundation com>:
> Hi all,
> out of curiosity a question.
> How are bugs priotized in our fedora project? Is there a process involved.,
> if so is there a documentation link? If there is no such process., do you
> guys think we should have one., so that it would further streamline and aid
> developement and future releases?
> Thanks
> Balaji R
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