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fancy X input handling?

There were a bunch of X bugzillas I was following a while back about
spiffing up X and evdev to do things like finally support draglock
and have the ability to apply much more human-pleasing mouse
acceleration algorithms.

In particular, apply these tweaks separately to separate devices
(you have one mouse with one report rate, another mouse with a
different rtate, you'd like them to accelerate differently).

I figured I'd see if I could give all this stuff a try in Fedora
11, assuming it made it into Fedora 11. There is a evdev man page,
but is seems a bit sketchy, especially when it comes to tweaking
different input devices separately.

Anyone know if this stuff is documented anywhere or there are
some sample snazzy config files around to look at?

I didn't see anything in the man page that sounded much like
it was describing mouse acceleration, is the new algorithm
in X yet (or maybe it isn't directly related to evdev?).

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