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2009-04-08 - 16:00 UTC - Fedora QA meeting minutes

IRC transcript and online notes available at

= Attendees =

* Will Woods (wwoods)
* Adam Williamson (adamw)
* James Laska (jlaska)
* Jesse Keating (f13) 

= Previous meeting follow-up =

* [jlaska+adamw] mediawiki semantic update (packaging and hosting)
** ''REVIEWED'' - [[rhbug:490001|490001]] -  Review Request:
mediawiki-semantic - The semantic extension to mediawiki 
** ''UNDER REVIEW'' - [[rhbug:490171|490171]] -  Review Request:
mediawiki-semantic-forms - An extension to MediaWiki that adds support
for web-based forms
*** [[User:tibbs]] posted some additional concerns for
''mediawiki-semantic-forms'' around licensing which I haven't followed
up on yet
*** request infrastructure hosting

* [f13] - autoqa: work on monitor for post-tree-compose
** We can mark this as "done".
** we have a monitor script that watches for new rawhide trees and calls
autoqa accordingly
** it's a bit hardcoded for a path, but that's fine for now

* [wwoods] - autoqa: work on better (clearer) reporting from existing
** at the moment we're just working on getting the reporting to actually
** but yeah, the emails from e.g. repoclosure are kind of verbose

* [adamw] - will file a F10 bug for the syslinux issue, initiate
discussion with pjones or jeremy for building a updated F10 package
** bug was filed, marked as a dupe, we added an entry to the release
** i think last time i saw the bug a workaround was being worked on...
** https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=492370

* [jlaska] - check-in with Warren Togami on the rawhidewatch blog ...
can Fedora QA help ... what is his vision?
** I spoke with warren this morning about
http://rawhidewatch.wordpress.com and what his idea/plan is around the
blog.  The summary is Warren intends for the blog to be a low traffic
blog that includes imformation on non-obvious (potentially high-impact)
problems affecting rawhide users.  Warren indicated he will act as
editory of the blog and accept story submissions
** adamw: i sent him a suggestion for it (to add a note on the nss issue
that caught out some x86-64 users and broke rpm); he basically told me
'patches welcome', i.e. write an entry and he'll post it :) i was going
to do that but haven't had time yet

* [jlaska+wwoods] - discuss integration between lab-in-a-box and autoqa
** I failed on this one, wwoods and I spoke about it briefly, but I have
not scheduled time to chat yet.  I'm still trying to figure out how best
to plug the 'lab-in-a-box' into some framework.  I don't have a good
sense yet whether that's autoqa, something beaker-like, ... or something
new that uses f13's watch script.  basically looking for a way to
automate rawhide installations ... and post the results (all in a virt
guest).  The missing pieces for me are the scheduler (something that
tells it when to start), and results reporting (something that gathers
the existing results and does _something_)
** if folks have suggestions, please do drop me a line

= Autoqa update =

* jkeating completed the rawhide watch script that launches autoqa when
rawhide is updated.  jkeating plans to hand off work to the QA team and
focus on a message bug implementation.

* Next steps: 
** continue improving existing test reporting
** interim goal of sending automated test result mails to
** wwoods suggested there are fixes that he would like to get into
upstream beaker
** reach out to pmuller for information on packaging rhtslib

= F-11 Status =

[[User:jlaska]] requested some discussion around the schedule and the
current planned QA activites for F-11 

[[User:jkeating]] reminded the Snapshot#1 is scheduled for Friday (see
* f13 reported that i386 image creation is broken which may impact
snap#1 (see
https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-test-list/2009-April/msg00535.html).  He is working with jakub to get a build of glibc that may fix this 

[[User:jlaska]] asked ... we have 1 month remaining before the final
F-11 compose.  What can we be doing better between now and that date? 
* There are several Test Days planned (including anaconda storage
testing part#2) ... see
* BugZapper triage events every Tuesday
** Adamw indicated two new members joined the BugZapper group this week
* f13 recommended we provide a new test results page earlier (e.g.
** jlaska will create a new page for use with next weeks Anaconda
Storage Test Day
* wwoods expressed concerns around pulseaudio bugs, notably
[[rhbug:472339]].  lennart is aware of the problems and assisting with
debugging.  They are seeking assistance from jaroslav (alsa).
** several others indicated they are having sound (or no sound) problems
* There are also reports of DRI memory leaks -
http://www.mail-archive.com/xorg lists freedesktop org/msg06116.html
* f13 recommended scheduling several F11Blocker bug review meetings
** jlaska will get these scheduled
** adamw can solicit QA and BugZapper assistance during these meetings
* f13 also recommended someone look at Live image creation+installs

= Open discussion =

== Fedora Board Meeting Update ==

[[User:jkeating]] asked how useful was the board meeting yesterday? 

* f13 noted ''I think the board was was happy to hear about the status,
but I was more concerned with the community at large''
* jlaska noted ''it was nice to hear that some of the community events
(test+triage days) are being received well''
* If follow-up is requested or additional information needed, please
pass along to [[User:jlaska]]

== Test Day Live Image Kickstart ==

[[User:jlaska]] referenced recent fedora-test-list discussion around
improving the Test Day live image experience.  He has been looking at
making a ''simple'' live image kickstart to place into the
''spin-kickstarts'' package so that others can also build and host Test
Day live images.
* wwoods suggested included debugging tools (gdb/strace/ltrace) in the
live image
* adamw advised keeping it simple ... ''make sure it's not something
that starts eating up too much time''
* f13 recommended a kickstart structure like:  livecd-base ->
livecd-testday-base -> <package set you care about>

= Upcoming QA events =
* 2009-04-09 - [[Test_Day:2009-04-09_UEFI|UEFI]]
* 2009-04-14 - [[BugZappers/Triage_days]]
* 2009-04-14 - Anaconda Storage Rewrite part#2
* 2009-04-16 - Yum presto

= Action items =

* [jlaska] - reach out to pmuller on packaging rhtslib
* [adamw] - send details of nss rawhide issue to warren for posting to
* [jlaska] - talk to poelcat about adding a few F11Blocker review
meetings to the schedule
** requested a review before and after final development freeze
* [adamw] - review Test Day X11 bugs to ensure they are represented on

= Next QA meeting =

The next meeting will be held on
[http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingdetails.html?year=2009&month=4&day=15&hour=16&min=0&sec=0&p1=207&p2=204 2009-04-15 16:00 UTC]

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