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Rawhide 64 death from Profound Disk Corruption

This evening when I booted Rawhide on my office computer I
was greeted with a storm of file system error messages presumably
related to ext4.  Fsck was not able to fix things automatically.
A manual invocation required a large number of "Y" responses
to get through the mess.  I just held down on the Y key for a

Since then the boot reports a clean file system.  However, as the
startup announced the network manager, it displayed some @@
characters, and wedged.  There is no keyboard echo.  ^Z and ^C
do nothing.  A single Ctrl-Alt-Del starts a shutdown sequence.
During this sequence  The X
server starts and the login screen makes a brief appearance
before the reboot.

This has happened before with Rawhide on this machine
(Ggiabyte ga-ep45-ud3p Core Duo 8500 4 GB, SATA drives).
I have not noticed any stability problems with XP or Win7
on this machine.

Chuck Forsberg    caf omen com   www.omen.com   503-614-0430
Developer of Industrial ZMODEM(Tm) for Embedded Applications
 Omen Technology Inc      "The High Reliability Software"
10255 NW Old Cornelius Pass Portland OR 97231   FAX 629-0665

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