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Re: No numeric keypad in Rawhide

Muayyad AlSadi wrote:
consolekit for one

we have many *kit things, and many of them are not well documented
consolekit does not even have a page in Wikipedia

a friend of mine installed some framebuffer-based login manager called qingy
and he had several permission problems like PA does not have
permission to play sound, I guess they are because qingy does not know

but how consolekit is related to mapping numpad keys ?

not necesarily consolekit for the keymapping problems but some others may not be loaded, i'm not seeing it on any of my f11b machines so i can't say for sure, as for your friends problem i would definitely think that not invoking a consolekit session would be the cause of his pulseaudio permissions problems
... , also top posting isn't good etiquette
regarding violating your etiquette
Hey! come on,  I said please!
and I don't follow any etiquette (good nor bad)
if it's polite, calm, and a good manner then it's good because some
rationals not because it's with accordance to someone's etiquette

according to our good manners giving a public advice is next to an
insult and only humble people accept it,
Usually people would appreciate it if you tell advice them in a private message
and I'm going to tell you why telling, people tend to have pride
and the pride could prevent them from accepting the good advice
so telling an advice in public is like "I don't want him to accept the
advice, I know he won't, I just want to embarrass him  before the

BTW: in gmail they appear as "--show quoted text" and it puts the cursor in top

I'm waiting the rationals in a PM

no need for a pm, or rationalisation just read here >> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/MailingListGuidelines#If_You_Are_Replying_to_a_Message

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