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Re: USB disks on the gnome desktop in F11 beta

Joachim Backes wrote:
> Logging in into the gnome desktop will show all attached USB disks on
> the desktop using the USB icon. Because I don't like to unmount the
> disks each time when logging in, I could get rid from this feature in
> F10 by using the System->Preferences->Authorizations menu.
> How to do achieve this in F11 beta?

The easiest way is to install gconf-editor. Then go to /apps/nautilus/preferences and ...

1. uncheck media_automount
2. uncheck media_automount_open
3. check media_autorun_never

IMO these are generally good things to do no matter what.

You can also do the same things by hand-editing the corresponding gconf.xml file, but I find the GUI editor a lot easier (and less prone to typos).

Note that these are per-user settings. If you want to make them mandatory system-wide, then you do have to resort to hand editing.

Back in F9 days, you used to be able to tell hal not to notify Gnome when a medium was inserted. Now Gnome checks on its own. Argh.

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