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Re: Fedora 11 snapshot 1 live CD destroys its CD-RW boot media

Robert Nichols wrote:
I burned Fedora 11 snapshot 1 to a CD-RW and tried it in my Lenovo 3000
N200 laptop.  Nice to see the Plymouth graphic, but there the niceness
ends.  Screen goes blank and the system becomes totally unresponsive.
Only recourse is a hard power-off.  I then find that the CD-RW has
become unreadable even in the machine that wrote it.  The hard drive in
the laptop is, fortunately, still intact.

I've been able to confirm the media overwriting in another machine with
completely different hardware (Compaq EVO D510 desktop).  That machine
actually boots and runs from the CD-RW, but sector 0 on the CD-RW can
never be read again until the disk is erased and rewritten.

If no one can suggest a component to write a bug report against, I'll
just have to make a wild guess and blame _something_, probably hal.

Bob Nichols     "NOSPAM" is really part of my email address.
                Do NOT delete it.

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