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Re: firefox is regularly dying

On Sun, 12 Apr 2009, Christopher Beland wrote:

> I often see Flash-using pages suck up a lot of CPU.  I have the
> Flashkiller Firefox plugin installed, which might be helpful to
> isolate the cause.  Though usually there is a separate process also
> using a lot of CPU (but maybe not at the top of the list).
> Sometime other animations (like animated GIFs or Java) can also use
> a lot of CPU.

  a couple observations.  i deleted the flash plugin from
/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins, but that didn't solve the problem.

  more amusingly, i've found a site that has invariably locked up
firefox the last four times in a row i've gone there:


when i browse over there, the page starts loading, it displays but the
progress bar shows that only about 90% has been loaded, at which point
i get an I-beam cursor that i can move around, but nothing else works
-- no virtual console, no switching virtual desktop, no Zapping X,

  like i said, this has happened the last 4 times in a row, so i don't
think it's a coincidence anymore.  can anyone else pop over there and
see what happens?  it *used* to display fine, but not lately.


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