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Re: pppoe? F11 Beta

On (12/04/09 13:05), Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 20:42:11 +0300,
>   Nikolay Vladimirov <nikolay vladimiroff com> wrote:
> > 
> > It's kind of tricky to download the package that you need to setup your
> > internet connection. 
> There are a couple of possible solutions.
> One is to make the package a dependency of one of the networking packages.
> This doesn't seem right though as people who don't need it will need to keep
> it installed.
> Two is to get it added to one or more of the kickstart files used to build
> spins. These are included in the spins-kickstart package, though I am not
> sure that is the correct avenue to use to request this kind of change,
> as the individual kickstart files have maintainers that may not see bugs
> filed against spin kickstarts. The Spins SIG might be a group to approach
> about this issue for guidance.

I think I know why they removed it.

NetworkManager has integrated pppoe support.(not really sure but I
still have the pppoe connection option in NetwokManager without the
rp-pppoe package)
rp-pppoe is needed only if you use the classic 'network' service.  
Which is sensible only on a server or some non-Desktop usage. I'm not sure how common is to use
the DVD or pppoe on servers. I guess there are plenty of usecases I
just can't think of any realistic ones where rp-pppoe is absolutely
So no need to include it on any Desktop orientated spin. I think it
will be good to be in the DVD it's a 234k rpm. 


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